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Getting started!
So what will this site show you how to do???

make one of these!

Click here to get started!   free projection tv plans, turn your television into a projector! 100 inch screen massive home cinema

Pretty isn't it!
You'll just have to trust me for now, but you will soon see that that thing will convert your boring 14inch tv into a 5 foot by 7 foot projection TV!

So just click here to get started!

Want to know how much this will cost to make. . . look here and youll see how much i made my 7 foot by 5 foot projection unit for!

What else is new on the site?
Well ive now added more pages, to try and make the building process easier.
You can still see the original front page here
Also you can now download "system x" the lottery cheat system (which most sellers on yahoo are selling for 1 or 2pounds) here
Also a new FAQ, sorry these no links in it or photos yet, will be after the weekend!
click here for the answers to my most frequently asked questions

Cheers for visiting, i hope you enjoy the site!

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